Founded in 2019

After working and managing multiple men’s salons over the course of 7 years, Samantha felt that there was something missing in this industry. She knew that she could create a better experience for her clients; a proper experience. Samantha opened Proper Salon for Men in January of 2019 in a room that was less than 100 square feet. Within a few months of opening she managed to fill up her schedule with a constant flow of repeating happy clients. Inaky met Samantha at her ribbon cutting hosted by the Chamber of Commerce. Having recently moved to New Braunfels he had tried multiple hair stylists with no luck of finding a good one until he met Sam. One year later Sam asked Inaky if he would help her locate a bigger and better location to expand her business being that Inaky is a Realtor in New Braunfels. When they found the space inside the historic and iconic building of The Landmark they knew this was the right place to expand. Sam and Inaky became business partners and opened the doors of the new and improved Proper Salon for Men inside The Landmark in October of 2020.


Samantha Sommerlatte


We're now located in the landmark lofts

The historic Comal Power Plant building in New Braunfels, Texas, originated in 1925 as a hydroelectric power plant, supplying power not only to the New Braunfels and San Antonio area, but to every power grid east of the Rocky Mountains. In 1927, it was the largest power plant in the world burning pulverized lignite coals as fuel, and switched to natural gas in 1928. In 2005 the Larry Peel Company purchased the building to renovate into lofts and build garden apartments on the surrounding grounds. The Comal Power Plant building is listed in the National Register of Historic Places by the U.S. Department of Interior and has received Texas Historic Landmark designation by the Texas Historical Commission. We at Proper Salon for Men are honored to be part of such an iconic building.

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